Monday, June 22, 2009

Mmmm Dark Hair!

When I go drastric I really go out there. As you can see new hair as of today! I felt the need for a change to go along with my ever changing body. Most of you know me from my beginning porn shoots, and have yet to see me in my more recent ones since most have not released yet. However, I lost all the chub that I had in the earlier days. Still kept my dangerous curves mind you *rasp*!
And still more have seen the changes along the way by playing with me on my playground sites day after day.
I felt the darker hair would offset my eyes and bring out the deep blue irish eyes I have. I mean I am from NORTHERN Ireland so we are known as the black irish anyways *giggles* If you don't like the change its okay.. I change it often just to keep things FRESH and SPICY! * Rawr* So in another month or two will be another change :) Hee hee!
Not much is going on for me this summer, staying busy camming and doing live shows all over. I love playing with fans, friends, lovers... you name it. Keeps this single girl happy and busy!
See you all soon and should be able to view all my vintage pics now posted over on Myspace.
Love ya!
-Keira Kensley

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vintage Set

The new Vintage set is almost complete. Was a great shoot, completed by CA Bolio Photography. I loved the old themes and clothing. So sexy and sensual.
I will be posting the images soon so everyone can see the complete collection.