Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF!! Weeee!

So my house is being invaded by spiders... and not just any old spider... GIANT HOUSE SPIDERS! If you don't know what they are google them. ( Don't expect to sleep peacefully for sometime however)

As I was sitting here posting the latest pictures, I looked down on my desk and saw a black piece of thread... or what I THOUGHT was thread... realized it was a 2 inch long spider leg ... OMG WHERE IS THE REST OF IT!!!! AHHHHHH!

Like something out of Jurassic Park... screaming and running in circles ensued... not I am paranoid the one legged, mutant spider will be hiding around some corner and jump out at me demanding I return it's ugly hairy black leg! YUCK!!!

Dear Lord, as much as I try to love every creature out there, I find there is always something that can make me cringe in fear. I am trying to work on being friends with these newly established house mates, but find that since they are not paying rent they must GET OUT! With or without their legs!!!



Space Princess!

Red HOT Sizzle!

Thursday, October 6, 2011